Discover the Goélia partners for your stays

Goélia partners to make your holiday easier

To enjoy your holiday even more, Goélia selects reliable partners for you. In addition to our local consumption charter, we offer you the best local allies for your stay, our other partners help you or provide a complementary service:

Discover Le Crétin des Alpes, where gourmet food and local products combine to form one, discover the Club Oscar which raises awareness, helps and supports each year so that the pets also leave with you on holidays.

Le Crétin des Alpes

Le crétin des alpes
Partenaire Goélia : Le Crétin des Alpes

Le Crétin des Alpes is a nice range of local products that are good to consume and offer, offering exclusive recipes, made with quality ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavors.

This offer is positioned in the local products segment, a segment that has been experiencing a real craze on the part of informed consumers for a few years. Cretin des Alpes products are mostly made using original recipes prepared by our chef who uses a selection of quality ingredients to give them a unique look, texture and flavor. Authenticity, quality, flavor and taste but also nature, pleasure and sharing are the values that guide the manufacture of our products. – No less than 12 craftsmen – producers of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region manufacture our products with an attractive width and depth of range: diversity of recipes and products.

– Seasonal products in all seasons

– Mitigate the effect of the season and be always seasonal.

– Products originating in the various territories of the Alps

Le Club Oscar

The Club Oscar makes your holiday easier with your pet by offering tailor-made services. Association to promote « Pet Friendly » establishments The Club Oscar fights against dropouts especially in summer (60,000 cases each year).

Every summer, Goélia contributes 1€ to the Animal Protection Association of the Ark of Associations, for each animal package collected on residence

Le club oscar
Notre partenaire : Le Club Oscar