Owners of tourist residences


The Group only trades as operator of tourist residences and does not operate as real-estate developer (development, sale of real estate, managing agent), which guarantees the objective nature of its locations.
Relations with the owners of tourism residences and their representatives are based on trust and over the long-term. They know that in Goélia they have found a key partner, who is effective and professional, who pays a fair rent, maintains their estate, when they wish, and is flexible in the rental of apartments. Owners undertake to invest in renovation work when necessary so as to ensure the safety and comfort of residents as well as protecting the value of their assets.

If you wish to invest in a tourist residence, we can put you in touch with our owners, or agencies who have properties for sale in residences which we manage, or accommodation units in residences which we are preparing to open.
For further information, our team is available at propriétaires@goelia.com

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