Goélia’s eco-responsible charter 


Goélia commits its teams on indicators and concrete and quantifiable initiatives.

Goélia’s eco-responsible charter 

charte éco-responsable Goélia
Charte éco-responsable Goélia

These figures, initiatives, we have as a common objective to make them grow and multiplie itself over time.

We are installing water economizer on the taps (89% of our residence are equipped with foamer, 32% are equipped with economic showers, 64% are equipped with double flush).

When they are accessible, we check our water meter every month to optimize the water use and prevent for any leakage.

We replace each light bulb with economic ones (88% of our apartments are equipped)

In agreement with the condominium syndicate, we install exterior walkways, presence detectors and light detectors to use ressources only when it is necessary (58% of our residence are equipped with it)

We improve over and over our residence in order to limit heat loss (isolations, new heatings) : 88% of our residence are equipped with double glazing and one of our objective for the years to come is to renovate the radiator park. (« intelligent » radiators with presence detector).

Charte éco-responsable Goélia
Plantation de fleurs / Flower planting

We regularly plant trees and shrubs (19% of our residence have started a significant landscape project. 831 seedlings has been planted since 2019)

We are developing the installation of bird houses to preserve species and the eco-system they live in. In 2022 we want to label 10% of our residence as « shelters » (Batz-sur-Mer, Saint-Geniez-d’Olt, Saint-Amand-de-Coly, Nontron, Entraygues-Sur-Truyères, Honfleur). Since 2016, our residence in Bravone in Corsica is a shelter LPO with the construction of shelters for swallows on the sides of the building to preserve this species and its cohabitation with the humans. 

We started the installation of roof hives in order to preserve bees and biodiversity. 5 « Goélia hives » will make 125kg of honey (50% of this honey will be potted). The roof of the residence in Villeneuve Loubet will welcome 2 more hives. 

We participate of the direct preservation of 200 000 bees.

In 2022, 1000m2 of mellifere flowers will be planted in our residences.

Charte éco-responsable Goélia
Installation de ruches / Installation of roof hives
Chate éco-responsable Goélia, résidences vertes
Le recyclage

Goélia has set up a recycling solution for desk trashes in its household in collaboration with the society « Les Joyeux recycleurs ». They certify the good recycling of trashes and at the end of the chain, the content of our recycling boxes (paper, plastic bottles, cartridge, battery, pencil, lamps) will be recycle by specialized providers who are perfectly identified. 

5 cents will be donated for each kilogramme collected to the association « Ares Atelier » which promotes the professional integration of people in great exclusion.

We train our employees about the eco-responsible gestures and we encourage their initiatives in this way. 

Goélia’s other commitments.

Goélia’s consume locally charter

Since 2013, Goélia placed the promotion of the short consumption circuits at the heart of its preoccupation in association with municipality and tourism offices. Goélia started the « consume locally charter » in the majority of its residences to offer the guaranty of a tourism promoting shopkeepers, producers and local service providers as well as the permanency of their activities.

Charte éco-responsable goélia
Découvrez nos partenaires locaux / Discover our local partners
les animaux sont acceptés chez Goélia
Les animaux sont acceptés sur les résidences Goélia

Our partnership with « Le club Oscar » 

« Le club Oscar » puts forward the institutions which accept pets and help to fight against animal abandonment.

Goélia is part of the project and is committed to accepts your pets in each of our 70 residences. For each pet accepted in our residences, 1€ is redistributed in favor of animal protection associations to help thoses who are deprived of vacations and home this summer. 1 postal card and to VITAKRAFT candies are offered for each animal as a welcome gift. 

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