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Moments of happiness

Moments of happiness

The concerns and stress of everyday, passing time, and news… and the real need to find a moment of happiness.

We can help you find this happiness by offering you bespoke holidays to enjoy time in the country, by the sea or in the mountains in an area offering independence, comfort and friendliness.

We select high quality residences and sites. A dedicated team welcomes you and introduces you to the holiday rental you have selected. The team is at your service, welcomes you, offers suggestions and friendly advice without being pushy. You have absolute freedom to choose, live in freedom, without any requirements, enjoy a moment of happiness which will be bespoke to you.

Whether as a couple, with the family, or with friends, we understand that you are giving us the responsibility of one of the most precious things in life, your holiday time.

We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again to help you enjoy some moments of happiness.

Patrick and Sandra Labrune
Founders of Groupe Goélia.