Information and measures of Goelia concerning Coronavirus - COVID-19.


Be informed of the decisions and actions taken by GOELIA during the Coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday, June 8, 2020.




You need holidays, happiness and space, you know that we have implemented in our GOELIA residences a very strict health charter, but you are wondering how government or local restrictions on travel and commercial activities will evolve, and what will happen if you have to cancel your stay for any particular reason related to coronavirus.

Here are some examples of questions you may legitimately ask yourself:
- I live in a department classified as "red" and I don't know if I will be able to move more than 100 kilometers away from my home,
- I work in a profession that is subject to requisition, what will happen if I am requisitioned?
- If I book in a "green" department that changes its status to "red", will I be able to cancel ?
- If my employer changes the company's holiday dates late, will I be able to cancel or postpone my stay?
- If I or one of the participants in my booking tests positive within 3 weeks prior to the stay?
And any other valid reasons for cancelling a stay related to Covid-19, which you can justify if necessary...

We wish to reassure you unambiguously on this subject.

  • Your cancellation can be sent to us until the day before your departure (with proof if it is for reasons that we cannot check by ourselves, for example an employer's certificate).

  • An asset corresponding to the full amount already paid will be sent to you within a week after your cancellation.

  • This asset will take into account the total amount paid for the stay (deposit or balance depending on the date of cancellation), but also the administrative fees, as well as the cancellation insurance if you have taken it out (we recommend it, to prevent medical and professional cases other than COVID-19 that could lead you to cancel or interrupt your stay. In the other cases, the current cancellation conditions remain applicable).

  • You will have 18 months to use this asset in the residence of your choice, in one or several times, at the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside, in summer or in winter, in France, in Spain, in Italy, in Portugal, for a week or a weekend.

At the end of this 18-months period, any unused credit (or unused balance) will be refunded to you.


We have considerably relaxed our booking conditions. You will have to pay :
  • At the time of booking, a deposit of 10% of the total amount of the stay, as well as the booking fees, and possibly the cancellation insurance.

  • The balance must be paid no later than 15 days before departure (and not 5 weeks as before).

If you have to cancel your stay for a proven reason related to COVID-19, the amounts paid will be returned to you in the form of an asset valid for 18 months, according to the methods previously explained.


For almost all of our GOELIA residences :
  • Until July 11th, weekends, short stays (5 nights), weekly stays, or for the duration of your choice, free arrival days.

  • From July 11th to August 1st, you can book by the week (7 nights) with free arrival days (except Sundays), as well as, in August, in a selection of residences (for example in CORSICA or in SOULAC for transport facilities).

Our objective : to enable you to travel outside the busiest periods, during which health and physical distancing measures are likely to increase queues (gas stations, public transportation, receptions).


We sincerely hope that you and your family circle are well and are not affected by this health disaster.
Our special thanks go to those of you whose professional activity is essential for health, safety, family support and the supply of French people.

In this unprecedented and difficult period for each of you in your family and professional organization, we assure you of the dedication of our teams to manage this exceptional situation as well as possible.

Our reception teams, partially active in too quiet holiday resorts, are more than ever impatient to meet you in our residences to offer you, once again, and more than ever, "parentheses of happiness".

So that we can deal with your requests as efficiently as possible, as some of our booking teams are teleworking, we would be grateful if you could contact us preferably by e-mail at

The GOELIA team


Useful information on the decisions and measures taken by GOELIA in this period of Coronavirus outbreak (updated Monday, May 11, 2020) - Frequently Asked Questions :

" Are your residences open to the public ? "

Because it seems impossible to us to spend a good holiday in resorts without leisure activities (museums, restaurants, ski areas, thermal baths), in holiday homes without infrastructure, and simply because the Prefectures have banned seasonal rentals, GOELIA has decided to cancel all stays whose arrival is between March 15th  and June 2nd .

Initially, following the President's statement of April 13th , 2020, the government decided to close all non-food businesses and ban tourist travel until May 11th . In this context, GOÉLIA immediately took the decision to cancel all stays in all 70 residences and clubs under the GOELIA brand for stays with arrival dates between March 15th and May 11th.

Secondly, in his speech to the National Assembly on April 28, Prime Minister EDOUARD PHILIPPE announced the opening of a new period of evaluation of the health situation until June 2nd.

During this period :

Shops will be reopened, with the exception of restaurants and cafés, as well as large shopping centres (except for the food section).
The unconfinement of May 11th will have to be confirmed on May 7th.
Travel other than imperative business or family will be prohibited, at a distance mentioned during this speech "of more than 100 kilometres" from home.
Beaches will remain closed, unless the Mayors and Prefects decide otherwise.
Groupings of more than 10 people are prohibited, as well as the opening of large museums, cinemas, etc...
The operation of swimming pools, saunas, fitness rooms, breakfast areas and others remains impossible.

In spite of the numerous security and distancing measures that we had planned to put in place to protect your health and the one of our employees, we have therefore decided to extend the closure of our establishments until Thursday, June 4th included (except for local customers staying in an authorized professional or family setting).

" I was supposed to arrive at one of your residences between March 15th and June 2nd, what will happen? "

A dedicated team has contacted all holiday-makers affected by these dates in order to issue them with a credit note that can be used for 18 months and/or advise them on a possible transfer to another GOELIA residence.

" I've booked in July, August, September..., will the residence be open ? "

As of Friday, June 5th, all our residences will be ready to welcome you again; unless of course if the government puts in place a new containment or restrictions on tourist travels.
Remember that you can wait 2 weeks before your departure to pay your balance.
Even afterwards, once your stay is fully paid, you may cancel without charge until the day before your departure for any reason related to COVID-19 and you will be sent a credit note corresponding to the totality of the sums paid (see introduction and § terms of use of the credit notes).
Our reservation team will send you, if necessary, before your departure, any new important information concerning your stay, whether it is about the resort, or about the measures taken to respect the sanitary protocols in our establishments.

" For your residences, do you have special hygiene measures in place ? "

Please know that we are already doing everything we can to welcome you with a smile, but also as safely as possible. We have worked on the implementation of adapted security measures, both for our holiday-makers and for our teams: Wearing masks, safety distances marked on the ground at reception, the possibility of free arrivals each day to clear the queues, and/or setting up independent queues, installation of protective Plexiglas at the counters, disinfection several times a day of the common areas (lifts, door handles), cleaning and then disinfection by spraying the accommodation after each departure, provision of hydro-alcoholic gel in different parts of the residences, reinforced signage about barrier gestures etc... To date, it is likely that we will limit the number of people who have simultaneous access to the swimming pools of our residences, and that the beaches of these pools will not be equipped with deckchairs for reasons of hygiene, in order to facilitate the disinfection of the beaches.
We keep ourselves regularly informed of the prescriptions of the health authorities, and will not fail to apply them scrupulously.

" How do I contact customer service ? "

In order to avoid saturation of our lines and to support the implementation of teleworking solutions, we had deactivated our telephone lines.
However, we are pleased to announce that our reservation teams will be available again from Tuesday 12th May, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm on +33 (0) 1 60 76 59 00.
However, we would like to thank you for favouring the use of emails at

" Did you change the booking conditions ? "

You can now book your stay from June 5th (or before, in some residences, under the legal conditions. (exclusively for imperative business or family trips).
Our new conditions are considerably more flexible : the balance of your stay must be paid no later than 15 days before departure, and no longer 5 weeks before, and we undertake to establish a credit note in case of confinement, the occurrence of a new event restricting your travel possibilities, the extension of the decree of March 15th, 2020, etc... (see introduction/new cancellation conditions COVID-19).

" Does the cancellation insurance cover the risks associated to the epidemic? "

The consequences of the risk of a pandemic are among the exceptional cases of exclusion of guarantee by our partner Mondial Assurance.
We strongly recommend to subscribe this insurance as your stay may be threatened by more classic causes of cancellation, and the cancellation conditions of the GOELIA catalogue will remain applicable for cancellations that are not motivated by the consequences of COVID-19.

" What would happen in case of the implementation of containment measures by departments on the dates of our stay? "

In case of confinement, either at your place of residence, or an administrative ban on travelling to your place of holiday, we will of course offer you a postponement of your stay in a residence of an equivalent category, or a credit note valid for 18 months. And, of course, if a confinement measure is put in place during your stay, we will not kick you out ...

" Terms and conditions for the use of the assets "

On 25th March 2020, the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued an ordinance "on financial conditions for the resolution of travel and stays in the event of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, or force majeure".
This order applies to all cancelations of stays after March 1st, 2020 and until September 15th, 2020.
It provides that the cancelations will not result in a refund, but in an equity "equal to the full amount of the payments made under the resolved contract".
In the event of cancellation by you, or by us, due to the health crisis, we will therefore establish an asset in your favour that applies to:

- to the entire reserved accommodation service
- at the cost of the file
- the cost of cancelation insurance if you had subscribed to it

This credit memo will be available within 18 months from the date you were required to arrive at our residence. We will charge it as a deposit when you make your next reservation in the same residence (or in another Goélia residence).
If you book a more expensive stay, the difference with the credit card must be paid for.
If you book a cheaper stay, your credit card will be charged to the price of the stay, and the balance will be charged to another stay.
At the end of the 18 months, the unused or partially used credit will be refunded, in full, or for the unused portion.
If your stay is cancelled due to containment measures, you will receive an e-mail credit with us quickly and automatically.

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