Goélia Guarantee and FAQ COVID-19


Decisions and actions taken by GOELIA during the COVID-19 period (at 29 October 2020)

Goélia COVID-19 Guarantee (for bookings registered from 16/09 to 31/12/2020):

Refund of 100% of the amounts paid for the reservation of accommodation and ancillary benefits (Excludes insurance and file fees) until the day before departure and in the following cases:
*If you are declared COVID positive between D-7 and D-1 before departure
*In the event of a formal ban on access to the place of vacation as a result of a government or prefectural decision (such as the extension of general confinement).

The terms and conditions of implementation are defined precisely in § "cancelation covid-19" of our special conditions of sale.

You can consult our health protocol via this link: Click here.

Useful information on GOELIA's decisions and actions in this Coronavirus period:

" For your residences, do you have any special hygiene measures? "
Our residences strictly apply the Health Protocol for Tourist Residences, Clubs and Holiday Villages in the context of COVID-19 established by professionals in collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Labor.

" Contact Customer Service "
Our reservation teams are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm at 01 60 76 59 00.
Many of you want to book your holiday and our lines can be overcrowded.
Please choose online booking, in which you can possibly mention questions, and sending e-mails to info@goelia.com.

" Cancelation insurance and the risks of the epidemic? "
The consequences of the pandemic risk are among the exceptional cases of warranty exclusion by our Global Assurance partner.
We strongly advise you to subscribe to this insurance because your stay may be threatened by more traditional cancelation reasons, and our classic cancelation policy remain applicable for health, personal or professional reasons not covered by GUARANTEE GOELIA COVID-19.

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