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Listed holiday residences

Star system for classification of tourist accommodations traditionally concerns hotels, camp sites,
Holiday villages, but also
tourist residences.

Since summer 2012, the Ministry for Tourism has modernised all classification standards,
and has given just as much meaning to the concept of a tourist residence as to other
forms of accommodation, notably hotels.

If you are looking for high quality holiday rentals
which are inspected and listed
with standard household appliances,
located in residences offering
many services, with a reception
managed by
tourist professionals, opt to
stay in a listed tourist residence.

Tourist residences: Your holiday rentals in total peace of mind with reception and maintenance on site.

The majority of residences on the site are listed as tourist residences, with 3 stars (please refer to the description for each residence). Amongst the 3-star residences, some are granted the “cosy” status as they have, in our view, harmony, quality decoration or particular conviviality.
Camp sites are listed 4 or 5 stars, and offer all services of a holiday club.