Holidays on an island

No need to go at the end of the world to go on an island! At St Georges d ' Oléron, in the part best preserved Island (beaches, forests, salt marshes) that you will be able to cycle. And of course, the island of beauty, so aptly named the coast West to Lozari, or Bravone, around Aleria, feet in the water, a location compared to the main roads to visit Corsica to the West, the North, the South, from the sea to the mountain.




Vendée-Charente Maritime, Goélia La Palmeraie

Résidence de vacances Goelia La Palmeraie à Saint Georges d'Oléron


645.00 euros

489 euros* period

From 30/06/2018 on 07/07/2018

  • Spacious villas with private garage
  • Loan of 2 mountain bikes per villa
  • Heated pool and children's pool


Corsica, Résidence Goélia Perla d'Isula

La piscine chauffée de la résidence de vacances Perla d'Isula à Bravone en Corse

2 PIECES, 4 PEOPLE. (24),

561.00 euros

379 euros* period

From 30/06/2018 on 07/07/2018

  • Complex with feet in the water
  • 200m² heated pool and children's pool
  • Direct access to the beach with no roads to cross