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The jewel of the land of Albret in the Lot-et-Garonne in the heart of Aquitaine, Nérac, ancient Gallo-Roman site located along the Baïse (a tributary of the Garonne), is not lacking in touristic, historic and architectural reasons to visit.

Capital of Albret, it proudly displays its medieval and renaissance character . 20km from Agen, this small essential charming village meticulously preserves its remarkable sites which are worth visiting: the château musée Henri IV, its little marina , the old town with its half-timbered houses, its medieval streets, its banks where it is a good idea to stop a while , the old Gothic bridge in the shape of a donkey's back, its churches - Saint-Nicolas and Notre Dame, its tanneries, the Maison des Conférences, etc.

If Gascogne were a piece of jewellery, Albret would be its precious stone, each landscape, and every stone reflects a rich and exciting history to be discovered with the course of the water, thanks to numerous waterways. Starting from Nérac, head off on a cruise on board a barge, head over the waves in a canoe on the Baïse and the Gélise. The waterways of Lot-et-Garonne offer a vast playground to all water sports fans: motorboats, rowing boats, canoes, cable skiing and hydroplanes allow you to enjoy the delights of gentle sailing or water sport activities and to cross the locks.

The pleasures of swimming have not been left out, a stop on the banks of the lakes of Clarens and Néguerou is worth it and the Lud'O Parc waterpark in Nérac provides you with 1000m² of fun pools, water slides, and waterfalls in a Gallo-Roman décor. Fans of green tourism will be delighted to discover over 200km of hiking paths, "The Green Way", along the Garonne Canal, a paradise for fishermen, joggers and hikers , as well as mountain bikers.

To discover in Nérac and the surrounding area: the château Henry IV, the Royal park of La Garenne, the Moulin des Tours, the Bee museum, the Palombière, the bastide of Vianne, the fortified church of Saint-Pierre-de-Buzet, etc.

The activities in Albret are varied: the acrobatic forest course Cap Cauderoue awaits you for a whale of a time as a family, the 18 hole golf course of Albret allows you to take a swing on the green, horse rides, discovering Albret from the sky via microlight. A very busy programme!
Don't miss out on trying all the flavours brought together in the south-west of Aquitaine (charcuterie, fattened duck, boiled chicken, strawberries, melons, mushrooms and honey) accompanied by Armagnac from Ténarèze and great wines from Buzet. Simple pleasures to be shared among friends or family!

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