Goélia Sun City

MONTPELLIER - Languedoc Roussillon

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  • Swimming pool and solarium
  • Very close to the centre of Montpellier
  • 15 min from the beaches of Carnon and Palavas
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Goélia Sun City holiday complex in Montpellier
70/72 av. du Pont Juvenal 34000 Montpellier France

Information Covid-19 at MONTPELLIER > GOELIA SUN CITY

« Our establishment is committed ... »

As a member of the National Federation of Tourist Residences and Apart' Hotels, GOELIA is committed to respect the "health guide for tourist residences, clubs and holiday villages in the context of COVID-19", approved by the Ministry of Labour and allowing the logo "our establishment is committed" to be displayed on our windows.
We summarise below the key points, as well as the measures taken by GOELIA to ensure maximum protection for holidaymakers in its residences.

Protect yourself, protect us:  we have taken all possible provisions to ensure that your holiday is safe. This safety is everyone's business, and the respect of our Health Charter will of course depend on everyone's civic-mindedness. This is why we reserve the right to report to the authorities any serious and repeated breaches of the standards applicable to our activity, in order to request their intervention in case of incivilities of an individual or a group of people, with a view to their expulsion from the establishment.

In each residence, we have designated a referent COVID-19.
His/her role is to ensure that the Health Charter is complied with and updated, and in particular, to provide training for employees, inform holidaymakers and external contributors about the measures arising from this charter, and immediately alert the authorities in case of suspicion of COVID-19 (fever, cough, respiratory problems, loss of smell or taste). This referent will keep a forehead thermometer available at the reception desk for holidaymakers.


In the receptions and in the common areas of our establishments

For almost all of our GOELIA residences, until July 11th and from September onwards, everything is traditionally possible in terms of: weekends, short stays (5 nights), weekly stays, or for the duration of your choice, free arrival days. From July 11th to August 31st, you can this year, in most of the residences, book for a week (7 nights) with free arrival days (except on Sunday). Consult the "Prices-promotions-availabilities" section of each residence.
Our objective: to enable you to travel outside the busiest periods, during which health and physical distance measures are likely to increase queues (petrol stations, public transports, receptions). For Corsica, by travelling in the middle of the week, in addition to this tranquillity, you will also make considerable savings.

We must respect a minimum time interval between two stays. Respect the new opening hours of our receptions. Do not arrive before 4 pm and until 7 pm. If we have possibilities of early arrivals, due to early departures, we will send you an SMS.

You will be greeted by our staff behind reception desks protected by a Plexiglas wall. Our staff will wear a mask behind which you will be greeted with a big smile! Some will have visored masks, gowns, gloves, depending on their jobs. On the ground, direction and distance markings.
In reception, near the elevators, and possible meeting places, hydro-alcoholic gel will be available. In the communal toilets, the use of hand dryers will be prohibited (marked with a STOP-COVID 19 logo).
In our receptions, there may be fewer seats, and the traditional waiting area for children will be removed. These areas will be ventilated as much as possible depending on the weather conditions. A foot-operated dustbin will be available in the receptions of our establishments for the collection of masks (they are not biodegradable, please do not get rid of them in nature). Remember to bring your own pen to carry out the reception formalities.

In order to make the reception more fluid, we suggest that you pay by credit card before your stay for certain extras (rental of bed linen, towels, pets etc...).
"Disinfection rounds" will be carried out every day by our teams in the common areas, with special emphasis on door handles, lift control buttons, switches, etc...

Due to government standards, you will be required to wear a mask indoors, in common reception and circulation areas (reception, corridors, elevator landings, elevators, covered common areas). Children under the age of 11 are exempt from this requirement, if you wish. Outside, wearing a mask is only required if it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.

In your accommodation, on arrival and during your stay

The accommodation will have been completely aired, cleaned and disinfected.
You will nevertheless find in each apartment a container of gel or virucidal products (please do not take this container with you when you leave), as well as an unused sponge in a plastic bag. Also 3 dishwasher tablets if you wish to rewash (use a 60° programme).
You will not find some of the usual services of the GOELIA residences: for example, the advice and recommendation booklet that we traditionally put in each accommodation (it will be available at the reception desk in a plastic and/or digital version), the lending of books and board games, and we will remove the decorative bedspreads.


In your accommodation, when you leave

Before the health crisis, we offered a "end-of-stay cleaning" option at extra cost on request. This option will not be offered during the 2020 season. You will therefore have to leave the accommodations in a perfectly clean state, and respect some specific instructions, to allow us to carry out a quick inventory of the accommodations on departure, followed by thorough and specific disinfection interventions, allowing our verification, cleaning and disinfection teams to intervene in optimal security conditions.

If time permits, you will have to ventilate your accommodation before the inventory of fixtures is carried out and afterwards. The accommodation must be left clean and tidy, dustbins and vacuum cleaners emptied, kitchenette cleaned, dishes cleaned and put away (dishwashers must be used at 60° minimum). We thank you for paying particular attention to the sanitary and shower rooms. Sheets, pillowcases, on the one hand, and bathroom linen on the other hand, if they have been rented from us, must be placed by you in specific bags that we will give you. Pillowcases and paper draw sheets (if necessary, if there are no fabric draw sheets) must be disposed of with your waste bins. Beds must be presented with their fabric covers, blankets or duvets unfolded, pillows without pillowcases. The sofa beds or nested benches, if they have been used, will be presented in the same way, cover unfolded on it. We will give you a drawing simply illustrating these few procedures.


Swimming pools and wellness areas*

We will apply the recommendations of the High Council of Public Health, halving the maximum authorized use of beaches and pools.
One of the few certainties that scientists have about COVID-19 is that it is not resistant to chlorine. Our swimming pools will all be open, except in special cases (possible decision of GOELIA, of the Syndics of Co-ownership, or of the departmental ARS, of which you will be informed before your stay, or, during your stay, for a short time if the sanitary parameters impose it). The existing internal regulations, as well as the physical distances and barrier gestures will have to be strictly respected. The general rules of physical distancing apply to swimming pools: a minimum distance of 1 metre must be respected between each person, in the pool or on the beach, with the exception of people in the same family group (maximum of 10 people). The rules of good citizenship must be strictly respected, as offenders may be prohibited from entering these areas of relaxation. Please bring hydro-alcoholic gel (handling of the access gate, shower taps or digicode for indoor pools). The maximum capacity will be limited and posted at the entrance of the pool. If the maximum number of visitors is reached, we are likely to set up a schedule of use, for example by half days, with coloured wristbands.

For this summer, for hygiene and safety reasons, we have decided to remove the deckchairs, to make it easier to disinfect the beaches, but you can bring your own towel, cushion or folding chair.

For the indoor swimming pools*, the collective changing rooms will be closed, so we ask you to wear bathing suits when entering these areas, as well as the saunas*, hammams*, whirlpools* and showers*, as the HCSP has stressed the particular risks of transmission existing in these areas. Baby swimmers will have to be provided with nappy trunks. In the children's pools, adults accompanying very young children must wear a mask.

Special arrangements will be made for the fitness rooms* with, for the smallest, the possibility of privatization (reservation by appointment). Users must bring their own towels and will disinfect the equipment used before and after use (GOELIA will provide virucidal products and paper towels or wipes).


Activities *

The tennis courts are open
. The practice of the game of doubles remains to this day prohibited.
Petanque is allowed (fortunately!). There too, the rules of distancing must be respected and we must think about the risks of contamination.
The play areas are open. Here again, it will be necessary to observe the rules of distancing now known to all, perform barrier gestures and bring hydroalcoholic gel.

Despite these restrictions, be assured that our teams, our local partners and the French tourist resorts and regions will do everything possible to ensure that your holidays are, as always, "parentheses of happiness".

*If service offered in the residence - refer to the description of each establishment

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