Seven Urban Suites et Appartea in France


Seven Urban Suites and Appartea

Goélia is creating a family with Appartea and Seven Urban Suites.

Seven Urban Suite et Appartea
Résidence d’affaires et étudiantes


Appartéa welcomes its first students to Sophia Antipolis marking the start of a new chapter which will grow in line with the company’s values: The quality, choice of residences and involvement of professional and friendly teams.

Résidence Appartea Golf Side à Biot – Sophia Antipolis

Seven Urban Suites

Goélia, is a state of mind, management of residences
which combine proximity, conviviality, respect and

In this spirit, a new phase of development has been
launched in the framework of an association with Eric
Blanc, also an experienced professional in tourism.

A subsidiary managing urban tourist residences was

You will find the same level of attention as at Goélia in the first Seven Urban Suites tourist residence which opened in Marseille in April 2012. In October 2012, in the Tripode district of Nantes, Seven Urban Suites opened its second four star residence.

It manages luxury hotel residences (3 and 4 stars) under the brand Seven Urban Suites and commercial and student residences for medium term stays under the brand name Appartéa.

Résidence Seven Urban Suite
Résidence Seven Urban Suite à Nantes